The goal of employee pre-employment testing is to help understand an employer howgood or trustworthy a potential employee will be in the hiring position. Hiring wrong peoplecan be costly, lower morale of co-workers and also result in losses for an organization. Thatis why different forms of pre-employment testing such as skills testing, criminal recordsscreening, financial records screening, educational screening and past employmentrecords screening is done to identify potential red flags in any candidate.

Academic and education verification is an important part of pre-employment screening.The services of an education background verification company can be used to get inNew York to get in touch with schools, colleges and universities to verify the education ofan individual. This can help to extract information about data such as graduation dates,dates of attendance, honors received, majors studied and more.

Why Educational Screening Is Needed?

But before proceeding any further it is important to understand why is it so important toverify a candidate’s educational claims?

According to a 2015 survey of employers, 86 percent of job candidates had lied on theirresume. These employers said that screening was a useful process that would help themto better the quality of the people they hired.

As the name indicates, academic and educational background verification will help toverify whether the educational, training and certification claims made on paper are actuallyreal. Now, apart from this obvious benefit there is another major are where these servicescan help you out with. That is the area of negligent hiring claims.

As an employer you could be held responsible for hiring an employee without doing aneducational verification if a co-worker or customer is harmed because of that employee.

Even if we assume that there is no physical harm done, it will soon be revealed that theemployee doesn’t have the requisite skillsets as claimed. This basically means that you willhave to rehire which is again a loss of money for you. In the end, you’ll have a double hirewhich is a waste of time, money and resources for you.

Additionally, there is also the degrees that people obtain from diploma mills. Diploma millsare educational institutions without proper accrediting credentials that hand out degreesthat have no real-world value nor will they help your organization. All a candidate has to doto obtain a fake diploma is to pay these diploma mills. When you hire a candidate withthese degrees you are simply wasting your time and money. Any good educationbackground verification company should be able to identify these fake degree holdersand save you lot of grief and pain.

Confirming you candidate’s claimed educational credentials is something that every hiringcompany should definitely do. Hiring an under-qualified candidate for a crucial position inyour company is not something that makes business sense. Doing the due diligence for theadvertised position will remove the stress associated with hiring as well as give you peaceof mind.

If you’re looking for the best education background verification company in New York,make sure to connect with a reputed firm that will help you make the best hiring decisions.Take the bets professional help available for your recruitment concerns. Remember onlythe best education background verification company can take care of your needs.



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