Hasbro, the game and toy company, has created a game that is sure to get on the toys, er,toes, ofpathetic man children around the country.The iconic board game Monopoly has a whole bunch of iterations and themes, but Hasbrohasoutdone itself this time by releasing what can only be described as the first-ever Monopolytailored to a specific generation: Monopoly for Millennials."Forget real estate.
You can't afford it anyway," reads the tagline to theboard game that strikes anerve every bit as much as it strikes the jugular, a game too real to be funny, which isexactlywhy it's so funny. "Adulting is hard. You deserve a break from the rat race,"reads the box's backalongside a graphic of Uncle Pennybags taking a selfie.As the caption suggests, players of this Monopoly are too flat broke to buy any actual realestate.Instead, they are invited to buy "experiences." According to Mashable, thoseexperiences includegoing to the Vegan Bistro, crashing on a Friend's Couch, or embarking on a Week-LongMeditation Retreat.

The game also encourages players with the most debt to roll the dicefirst Players who collect the most experience points win the game, according to Hasbro'sdirections."Collect Experience points by visiting the hottest Destinations," reads thedescription onAmazon. "IT'S ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE: In this version of the Monopoly game,the playerwho collects the most Experience — not the most money — wins the game."In a play of marketing genius, Hasbro will be selling the game for $19.82, a reference to theyearthat millennials were born. A.V. Club, however, maintains Hasbro missed it by a year, sincethePew Research Center data suggests the generation started in 1981.

Needless to say, "Monopoly for Millennials" has not exactly gone over well withits targetaudience, who have been blasting it on Twitter as a cruel joke of the Baby Boomergeneration.Of course, it helps to bear in mind that generation x made this game, as the boomers havealreadyretired.All across the world, millennials are gearing up to scream at the sky about Hasbro. Othersaregoing full keyboard commando, while still others are going to cuddle classes.If a background check turns up any of these behaviors, don’t hire them.

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