Court rules against firing deadwood

Court rules against firing deadwood

The Los Angeles Times is on the hook for a $15.4 million jury award for demoting an older worker.
Former LA Times sports columnist T.J. Simers sued the paper in October 2013 after the paper first reduced and then eliminated his column. The paper argued that Simers’ work quality declined after he developed migraines.
Simers pointed to the onset of the migraines as the beginning of a change in his responsibilities. And he said, he faced increased criticism from managers who had previously praised his work.
He quit, claiming intolerable working conditions and age discrimination and sued the paper and its then-owner Tribune Publishing. A jury awarded Simers $7.1 million in economic and non-economic damages in 2015, but the judge in the trial later voided much of the original judgment.
Simers and Tribune Publishing both appealed the decision.
In January 2018, an appeals court tossed the intolerable working conditions claim. But, the court said, a jury should reconsider whether Simers was the victim of age and disability discrimination.
This time the jury awarded Simers $15.4 million for personal and emotional suffering caused by the paper’s treatment of the writer after his health problems started.
Tribune Publishing could still appeal the latest decision. However, if it stands, the company could be looking at a $22 million bill after interest is included, according to Simers’ lawyer.

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