Background checks are certainly a very important aspect of hiring and recruiting new candidates in your business. They are a sure way at determining whether a candidate serves to be hired for the respective position or not. From verifying the mentioned educational qualification, previous work place, work history to finding the criminal records,background investigation can find a lot more about the prospective candidate.

There are a variety of background check types that a recruiter or organizations can run to find that information about the candidate which he might not want to share with the employer. The background investigation company run different background checks in order to meet their needs and go deep at finding information about the candidates. Most background checks run a combination of criminal investigation, work history records, SSN,education and qualification and credit reports though.

What Types Of Background Checks Are There?

There are several types of background checks for employment and some of them contain overlapping results. But the results can play a determining role as whether the candidate serves the respective position in a company or not. The different types of investigations can reveal many things about the client. Below is a short description of the different kinds of background checks and what shows up on a background check.

Criminal Background Checks

These are one of the most important background checks which make sure that the candidate has no criminal record and also show the candidate’s indulgence in illegal activities. These background checks include scanning county, state, and/or federal records and any level of indulgence in illegal work or crime in the past. Criminal records from any of those sources will contain the arrest records, warrants issued from the court, incarceration records and convictions of felonies and mis demeanours.

It also reveals information about the court records, all the dockets and judgements passed against the candidate. Criminal background checks thus contain records of arrests and convictions within that particular state or the country. It also contains records of all crimes prosecuted in the country and all other works that are considered illegal across all counties.

Employment Screening

Employment Screening and the background checks for the prospective candidates are the most common type of background checks. These checks generally include verifying the

educational references, criminal history of the candidate, character references, and the social security number verification. This type of background check can vary depending on the employer and the type of job or position for which the candidate is going to get hired.

Some employers and recruiters will run a credit check, while others will specifically look for candidate with records as sex offenders. All these checks are mainly to evaluate candidate’s professional and criminal records or any illegal or destroying record lurking from his past that can be destroying for the company and the work environment in the future.

Tenant Screening

The type of background checks are usually done to make sure whether the potential tenant is responsible or not. For this type of background screening, the landlords typically review previous history, the criminal records, credit reports, and also contact past landlords.

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