In a move that surprised nobody except the willfully blind, the Obama administration has just gone out of its way to stab Israel in the back before President elect Donald Trump takes office.

The move has prompted a national outcry, and has succeeded in uniting in the country in what was thought to be an utterly impossible scenario, a bipartisan outcry.

The cry? A statement to the effect that ‘Barack Obama, you are despicable’.

So, to dig itself deeper into its brand new hole, this crack team of professional assholes has sent noted foreign policy whiz and Easter Island talking head John Kerry to explain how it didn’t just betray its own longstanding foreign policy, not to mention its closest ally, by betraying its own longstanding foreign policy and its closest ally.

During this speech, Mr. Kerry made the remarkable statement that ‘Israel can be either Jewish or Democratic, but not both’.

This statement is so remarkably and blatantly anti-Semitic that I began to wonder if this genius would have the requisite brain power to pass a background check. When you spend a whole two terms insisting that you are objective, and then you casually tell the whole world that you are an ideological anti-Semite, something is clearly wrong with you.

Eventually, I concluded that he would not, on account of his being caught lying about his military service.

So, given that this administration hires people who would never pass a background check,their war against it make more sense.

I do, however, wonder as to the anti-Semitism that was put on display today, as to its cause.From where comes this notion that being Jewish is inherently opposed to being

democratic? From history? No, the first king was nominated by Samuel, but he was elected by representatives from each family from every tribe. Similarly the rulers of succeeding generations had to be approved by the individual tribes, and the approval was, again, given democratically, by chosen representatives from each family. Ok, not pure democracy, but democracy much as we have here in the States, a representative republic.

In later times, when the courts held power all the power, the country was under foreign rule. All the courts did was clarify Jewish law, the foreign powers did all the actual ruling.The Hasmonean era is an exception, which didn’t last very long.

A new concept was then brought into the spotlight, which lasted for centuries, even two millennia. The seven best men of the city, a democratically elected council who ran each and every individually Jewish city.

History lesson over.

So it doesn’t come from anything based in fact, then, because if a theoretically based observation doesn’t occur in history, then it never existed, and cannot serve as the basis of any discusion, and if the opposite happens in history, then it doesn’t exist in any actual fact.


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