Over in Aussie land, that legendary land down under that constantly and consistently manages to give itself an air of being the perfect home for a bowl of cereal (nothing but fruits, nuts and flakes), the blokes over at Mc Donalds showed that they really did have some good business sense when they established a new hiring system for entry level employees.

Mc Donalds Australia, MACCA for short, decided that he needed a better way to bring entry level employees to work for their company, one that didn’t involve reading, thinking, or filling out forms.

No, those processes are far too difficult for a young millennial to handle. How can you even be so insensitive as to think that they could do it? No, no. From these millennials, the most we can possibly ask for is snap chat.

Yes, snap chat. The applicants take a ten-second video of themselves, add a special‘Mc Donalds uniform’ filter, and send it in to be evaluated.

Actually, it’s a pretty good idea.

Think about it: a McDonald’s counterman doesn’t need to be very intelligent, or even very capable. All that’s required is a face, an ability to speak the language, and a set of hands. A snap chat video is perfect for that kind of background check.

Also, it enables the employers to make more informed decisions about the people that they are hiring. They can see how they would look in the uniform, what their mannerism is, and hear how clearly they can speak. And string together sentences.

And, most of all, less paperwork.

Altogether, it looks like a very good idea.

So, will it be coming here?

Probably not, for several reasons.

First, minimum wage. We can’t expect Mc Donalds to increase the staff pool when it’s not worth the money to maintain the current staff pool.

Second, discrimination. There is no way in the world that the current milkmen groups who profit off of other peoples supposed oppression would allow an opportunity like this to slide past them. Just think about it for a moment, an application that centres around a video?Around appearances? Never mind that appearances are all that matter here, this is practically begging for a discrimination lawsuit.

With a risk like that in the wings, there is almost no chance that any company in this country would stick out its neck.

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