Education background verification has become essential these days, as the companies are facing growing threats of fake certificates. This is also the reason that the professional education background verification companies have started enjoying significant service demands. Not just the ordinary universities, even certificates of top universities can be forged.

Growing number of private universities have increased threats of such in many ways. In fact,such forge certificate service providers operate with full preparation, so that they can effectively answer when an HR professional from a company inquiries about the forge certificate holder.

They have complete set-up offices and websites as well. Enquiring about all these aspects is indeed too tough for a company or HR team as they have other things to handle as well.Hence, the contemporary employers are considering the education background verification companies more favorable and trustworthy.

Why Professional Education Background Verification Companies Preferred?

As explained above, the education background verification companies are preferred as they stay better prepared to handle such challenges. They operate with a strong network to enquire about the authenticity of an employee’s qualification, certification, etc.

These companies employ professionals with adequate experience in educational administration and regulations. Moreover, these education background verification companies are technologically pretty much resourced as well to find out people operating behind a forged website or tracking their activities.

Why HRs fail?

What makes things tough for HR team of a common company is the unavailability of the list of graduates, year wise at a particular university’s website. Excluding a very few, most of the universities don’t showcase such names over their website.

When an HR team tries to contact the University officials to enquire about a particular student, his year of passing, whether he had any kind of backlog, his academic history, etc.,they don’t be able in providing such information immediately. Especially, enquiring about a person who had completed the graduation long back becomes tough to find, sometimes impossible.

HR team of a company often don’t have the requisite time wait so long, neither do they have the legal or administration knowledge to enquire through other sources. Hence, the professional applicant background check companies become the best recommendations for them.

What shows up on a background check report?

No matter how reputed the applicant background check company is, but any employer would love to know exactly what shows up on a background check, prior hiring it. On this context, here we present the step by step approach a professional company follows to verify authentication of someone’s claim about educational matters.

First, they send a verification request to the concerned University, either through emails or any other way. Meanwhile, they enquire about the authentication of the University itself by connecting with the education and legal department of the government. This involves technological verification as well.

Once the candidate is verified by the University, the applicant background check companies collect the institution to enquire about conduct certificate, CLCs, etc.

Names mentioned over the certificates and submitted at the company are thoroughly verified again.

In the case of female candidates, both the married name and the name mentioned over the academic certificates are thoroughly verified.

Needless is to say that these verifying companies present the complete explanation about all what shows up on background check report submitted by them. In addition, they also explain how the university or institution follows UGC norms strictly.

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