With only a few days remaining for our current administration, they seem intent on ensuring that as much harm as is possible is done to employers and the American economy in general.As is well known, the greatest and most sacred cause on the left are the rights of the oppressed, except when the oppressors are strong (which is the only time that you ever have oppression) or when the oppressors are friends worth having. Like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

This leaves the left with a serious problem, how can you oppose oppression when you cozy up to oppressors?The answer is simple. You make up some new form oppression, and then you go to war against it. Which is how we ended up with a fight in North Carolina over whether or not a man can announce that he’s a woman and then walk into the women’s dressing room. (The fight is portrayed as being about bathrooms, but it also covers locker rooms and dressing rooms.)

And so in this vein the left goes to war on behalf of the oppressed workers (like with background checks). Leaving aside that the only oppression most workers know is taxes.No, wait they don’t know it, because the IRS takes the money before they even see it. And the oppression in question? What a question! Racism, of course. Which is something that cannot be measured, and therefore neither proven nor treated.And therefore, it can never be cured.Instead, it must be forever fought against, in a never ending war that exacts great costs in collateral damage.

In fact it only does collateral damage, usually to America’s employment infrastructure, putting people out of work and wiping out investments. And the people hurt are usually everyone except those doing the fighting (some more, some less. Usually middle class people more, well connected people less. The poor stay poor, usually end up worse off. See what happened in New York when ‘ban the box’ became law). And there is never any progress in this war, the racism is never squelched, the oppressed never relieved.Only stopped from expanding into a new field that no one ever heard about until five minutes ago.

And there are always new grounds to fight in, and new ways to fight. (Note to background check companies who think they can work with the left: the left is a purist movement. They eat their own, they’ll eat you to.)With such an attitude, that victory is not the rescuing of the oppressed but the destruction of the oppressor, is it any surprise that when the oppressor is work, and the oppressed the workers, the result is that everyone ends up out of work?

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