A general (though obviously mistaken) theme that I have noticed to be quite prevalent through out many circles is that employers trample on their workers. Either through giving them low pay, or through not treating nice nicely enough, or by simply not giving them a penthouse, the general consensus seems to be that employers need to do more for their workers.

Of course, all this really does is tell that the consensus is nothing more than mob thinking: I like what he said, so I’ll repeat it, even though it’s probably pure nonsense. Or, put differently,the intelligence of a mob is the IQ of the smartest person there divided by the number of people in the mob overall.

However, the reality is that politicians cater to the mob, which is why they get elected in the first place, and so they make laws to appease the mob, and to help them feel good about themselves.

Hence the new DOL rules.

These rules were designed to protect workers from being taken advantage of by their unscrupulous employers, except that all that they really do is render people trying to earn an honest living susceptible to unscrupulous bureaucrats and lawyers.

A large and unavoidable side effect of the new rules is going to be a large scale slashing of employment hours, done to avoid paying from the bottom line, which, in today’s economy,simply cannot take any more hits. These slashing’ s will include layoffs. In today’s climate,that means lawsuits, under the cover discrimination lawsuits and whatnot, courtesy of the NLRB and the EEOC. That is aside from lost productivity.

The real truth is that if a company wants to keep you they will make an effort to do so.Employers are not stupid. They are actually very resourceful, resourcefulness being ably product of self-interest. The reason millennial have such a high turnover rate is simply because they are terrible workers and employers want them out, but they don’t want the.

lawsuits that come with firing them. So they make them uncomfortable, until they leave of their own accord.There is no trampling on employees. There never was, and never will be.

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