It is always interesting to note the yin and yang in any given situation. When the statement is that we will allow to not do something, the implication is that until now we were forced to do whatever it was that we are now easing off of.So, what is that we are now allowing people to not do, what slavery are we easing off the shoulders of the populace? Nothing major, we are making it incredibly easy for employers to opt out of the so contraceptive mandate, namely, the mandate that requires employers to pay for their employees’ birth control. It’s not a big cost, but it is patently ridiculous. Why in the world should an employer have to pay for their employees’ pleasure life?Aside from the obvious insanity involved, there is another, deeper, problem involved. The problem of morality. You see, many people believe that it is wrong to actively provide people with the tools they need to be, well, depraved. Such as contraceptives. Which exist purely for the sake of having consequence free debauchery. It is wrong to force people to act against their beliefs. Which is what that contraceptive mandate did.So the Trump administration removed it. Allowing people to not act against their own beliefs should seem to be a pretty straightforward, bipartisan effort, but that isn’t case unfortunately. It is why we have the term ‘Trump derangement syndrome’, because there are people who will automatically assume that anything the President does is wrong,simply because he is President Trump. And these people are now running around with their hair on fire, screaming that the President is literally raping women. Completely insane.But that is not my focus here. My focus here is on the fact that there are people,employees, who believe that they have the right to take from their employers what they used to get from their parents. Children in the workforce. Even though the law has been

struck down, the mindset that created it still exists, and it would be wise to avoid such, er,employees. Run a background check.

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