Let him dump a few more

The word on the street is that Donald Trumped just threw Rex Tillerson out of his positionas the country’s top diplomat for actively trying to undermine him on Iran.

The replacement is going to be current CIA director Mike Pompeo, who himself is beingreplaced with Gina Haspel. Both of these changes are being met with wide acclaim.

This is good news, very good news. The President cannot be undermined by his ownadministration. This includes the employment front.

The President has already implemented a number of changes, in the DOL and in the NLRB,that make life a good deal easier for employers. There is one front, however, he hasn’t donevery much. Fixing the EEOC.

The EEOC is supposed to fight discrimination, except that leftists have deprived the phraseof any meaning whatsoever with their endless crusades on behalf of everyone andeverything that never even knew that oppression existed. And not because theirimaginations were limited, either.

Accordingly, the agency is generally occupied with nonsense that benefits no onewhatsoever.

The head of the EEOC is a part of this, an ideologue who believes the insane talking pointsput out by her own party. First off, it’s never good when a government employee is aconspiracy theorist. Its worse when she is the head of an agency. I suppose that it shouldn’tcome as a surprise, though. Harry Reid created a government agency to track UFOs.

All this being said, there is no reason for the president not to dump the crackpot in chargeand put in someone who is capable of critical thinking, someone who won’t take a

background check as proof of racism. There are enough states who have laws written bycrazies who believe that garbage as it is.

Not just background checks, though. The EEOC makes it difficult to get rid of bademployees after they’ve been hired, however mistakenly.

Fortunately, background checks can still be conducted, and they can be used to keeplemons out of the factory. Proper background check companies can help you avoidbreaking any laws.

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