Sure enough, once the tax cuts were passed, huge bonuses were handed down by the evil corporations and companies, who were sure to hoard it all for themselves, as the Demo cratdooms day seers and apocalypse prophets had foretold.

Actually, they had foretold that the evil corporate executives and heartless companies would hoard all of the surplus for themselves, only to change their tune once it became clear that the tax cuts would actually pass and they would all wind up with their pants down (as usual, with the difference being that the general public is being forced to watch them as opposed to their secretary).

All this aside, the fact is that a tax cut for business is a tax cut for literally everyone, as companies stay in business by passing costs on to the consumer, including the cost of taxes. Now that tax rates are down, prices can afford to go down along with it.

And prices will always go as low as they can afford to go, as competitors try to price one another out of business. Look at what happened to Sims. And the inverse, with Costco and Walmart. They got ahead by bringing prices down. They stay ahead by keeping prices down. You don’t need to build a better mousetrap for the world to beat a path to your door.You just need to sell the same one at a better price.

The most effective cut, should this be possible, would be a cut to payroll taxes. An employee does not get his full pay, nor does an employers’ cost of maintenance stop at what he gives to his workers. For them both come taxes, a literal tax on employment. Not a big number, true, but big enough that over ninety percent of the country feels its effects.

Of course, such a cut would be impossible, as it would be seen as infringing on social security benefits, despite the utter impossibility of that idea, as there is no ‘fund’ for social security pensions that needs to be maintained.

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