Swift Hire Self-Screening Process


SwiftHire allows you to send self-screening invitations to your applicants. The applicant that receives the invitation can click a personalized link, view instructions, electronically sign an electronic consent document, and fill out their information to initiate a background check. Here’s the process for SwiftHire:

  1. You configure your SwiftHire settings within the client module.
  2. You send one or more screening requests to applicants using the SwiftHire ordering process.
  3. The applicant receives the email, along with any reminders sent later, and can choose to click the included link.
  4. The applicant views a website with instructions, and signs an online consent form.
  5. The applicant fills out a form submitting the information required for a screening package chosen by you.
  6. You receive the SwiftHire Order for review, or it is immediately ordered instead if desired.

This process allows you to eliminate data entry or re-entry, putting the data entry task on the applicant. The applicant simply needs to read the consent form and then type his/her name and DOB where indicated. The consent is saved as a linked document when the report is ordered, so it can be accessed just like an uploaded consent form.

You can choose whether or not applicants must pay with a credit card for their SwiftHire screens.

Sending a SwiftHire invitation:

You can send a SwiftHire invitation directly from the main Order Reports screen, as shown below.



From here, you simply needs to indicate the name and email address of the applicant, along with a reference code if desired. In addition, choose a package from their list of available packages; the applicant will be required to enter information corresponding to each of the searches in the package, so the package determines the form the applicant will fill out.

  • You can choose, if you wish, to review each SwiftHire request that is sent in, before it is ordered. Completed SwiftHire applications are shown in the SwiftHire dashboard, and you can cancel an order, review it before ordering (making changes or additions as desired), or order it without reviewing, as shown in the following screen shot.


Searches will be ordered and reported in the standard process.