The background check is a common phenomenon in a hiring process. To avoid any issues of employee inefficiency occurring due to false information was given to the employer during the recruitment process, the employers do strict back ground check in order to bring transparency and surety in the hiring process.

They want to make sure that the employee has the exact background details as mentioned in the resume or as promised by the candidate during the interview process. So, as a candidate, it is important from your part to be careful about the background details and also be ready with a genuine CV reflecting all your background information in a truthful manner.

If you tell the truth about your background then you have more possibility of cracking the interview as compared to those who provide irrelevant information about their background.

What is there in the Background Check

A background check basically involves investigation of the background of the candidate based on the criteria decided by their respective recruiter or employer. It may include checking of candidate’s education, employment, criminal records, motor vehicle and license records as well as credit history records.

Each check will disclose different information about the candidate. But before agreeing for background check candidates should get clarification from the employer regarding the

check so that they will be aware of the list of searches that the organization has decided to do under background check.

As a candidate, how you should prepare for the background check?

As you know that each and every candidate will go through a background check screening during the hiring process. You can take this as a process of verifying and confirming of all the information as well as public records that you have submitted to your employer through the resume.

A background check ensures that all the data provided by you to the employer is accurate and can be relied upon so as to give you your perfect position or job in the organization.Some tips regarding the preparation of your background check are as follows:

You should possess a copy of your resume containing the verified phone number and email address.

Make a thorough research about your own background and histories like employment dates,job titles and salary details, graduation pass out years as well as marks or grades. This will help you in confidently answering all the questions put forward employed to you during the interview.

If the past employers especially the schools do not have a record for your background history confirmation then you should go for diplomas or transcripts in advance and get your past paycheck stubs.

You should also be able to give your perfect current and past address when asked about that.


Please note that if an employer wants to check your criminal records then you will get to see that misdemeanor or felony conviction or legally report able non-conviction in your background check process. Another thing is your background check might take two to four business days depending upon the requirement and search procedures of your employer.

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