Applicant background check has gone away broader these days. It used to be simply criminal background checks earlier. This is so as the contemporary employers want to conduct an extensive background check prior employment. Considering the needs of wide range of applicant background check, companies prefer going with best background check service provider having legal knowledge of handling various background check aspects, like experience, civil record, job references, etc.

Why Have The Companies to Conduct Background Check?

The background is not just a formality. Its effectiveness is well evident through statistics as well. According to the statistics, more than 70% companies who have faced violence incidents among their employees don’t conduct the background check properly prior hiring.Talking about the laws associated with it, criminal background check employment is essential for certain sectors those involve sensitive affairs to deal with. For example,security agencies, healthcare service providers, banking, insurance, agencies involved with data transfer, etc are required to conduct the background checks.

From Where Do They Need Permissions?

It’s a common question that appears in the minds of the employers, whether it is essential to seek permissions of any kind to conduct such background check of someone. Yes, one needs to follow the FCRA guidelines thoroughly for this. Moreover, it is important to seek permission of the concerned candidate for employment. The candidate even holds right to go through the authorization papers.

What Extra The Professional Background Check Service Providers Offer?

The biggest difference between applicant background check conducted by a company itself, and that being handled by a professional service provider is the source through which they collect information. In fact, it becomes difficult for a common HR to handle the various legal aspects of criminal background check employment. On the other hand,professionals can assure you about the best result by conducting background searches at the jurisdiction level itself.

In addition, they go through criminal databases to ensure no place is missed to enquire about any kind of criminal record of the person. The best part, these service providers can

help even if the employee had stayed at a foreign nation or had worked there for some reasons. These agencies reach every jurisdiction the concerned person visited to generate reports.

Why Has Background Check Report Nothing To Do With Candidature?

It is here to mention that there is nothing negative about the background checks. A background check report can’t be used to discriminate between the candidates. Still, if the person feels something negative or biased about such reports, he/she may connect with EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). One may go through their website as well.

It is here to mention that EEOC is accountable for imposing federal regulations that make it unlawful to discriminate someone in terms of his/her religion, sex, skin color, gender,nationality, age, any kind of physical disability, and even based on his/her genetic information. Any organization should properly go through the EEOC guidelines prior conducting any kind of applicant background check. Therefore It is a better option for these employers to take the help of a best background check service provider having knowledge about the above aspects.

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