I have a better question, should I force you to run a background check on your local supermarket checkout clerk? Or should I let you decide on your own whether or not to trust people? Remember, no one is forcing you to use Uber. If you want the added layer of protection, pay for a taxi. Why do you think they cost so much in the first place? Because they like being hated? No, it’s because of licensing and union fees that would bankrupt Apple Incorporated.

See, background checks are only good if they are voluntary. Once you make some thing obligatory, prices rise while services fall (see health insurance). This is because so long as nobody has to do something, people who offer that service will go out of their to make them want to do it. Usually, this is done by making it worth the time and money, and by making it more worthwhile than the alternatives. Once it must be done, however, everything changes. Now we will need to license companies and individuals to provide said service,and not necessarily will you qualify.

In today’s world of identity politics the government (Ok, ‘society’) demands from its citizens more than just professional standards, it demands moral acceptability. What exactly is acceptable depends on the bureaucrats currently in charge, so just because you are qualified, that doesn’t mean you have enough favor ability points where it counts. And don’t think that you will win favor ability by pandering to minorities; you might still be considered an oppressor for the crime of trying to make a buck. Now you lose your highly expensive license and get to join those whom you forced out of the playing field.

What does this mean? No competition, a.k.a. a monopoly, combined with a mandated market, a.k.a. forced purchasing, equals terrible service, and worse prices.Just look at your local electric company, and that isn’t even a legal requirement.

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