Some people say that they can’t make decisions

Some people say that they can’t make decisions

The argument has been made that individuals can’t make decisions, that people don’t know what they are looking at when they look at a form for healthcare programs that let them choose what they want.
Nonsense. People can easily gather information that they need and make decisions about what’s best for them. That, however usually will not be a decision that brain dead academics would prefer. So they console themselves with the idea that they still know better than everyone else.
That everyone else is just plain stupid.
The problem is that the idiots who pushed this stupidity have themselves come to believe it. We saw the product of this nonsense during the last administration, when ‘experts’ spent eight years screwing the country, pocketing the proceeds and throwing parties. And they still can’t figure out why we threw them out on their heads last November.
However, there truly are some people who can’t make any decisions, role models for our modern educational system, and you do not want such people in your company. School records won’t tell you need, since schooling has no meaning today. You don’t actually learn anything in school anymore, whether elementary, high school or college.
No, I’m sorry, you do learn something. You learn how to whine, how to protest, and how to blame the other guy. Very effective means of ensuring widespread stupidity and incapability. Fortunately, you can’t keep everyone down all of the time, so most guys become capable and intelligent after a few years, even with schooling. Some people, however, stay down, and they need to be avoided, and kept away from the work force.
Background checks will do this, usually. A company who runs background checks can do this even better, to help sort the wheat from the chaff and get you the best possible candidates.
So use a background check company.

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