Employment history verification is done simply by connecting with the previous employers of the applicant. These are done to verify the position, salary, experience, etc, as claimed by the applicant.

At the same time, the reasons given by the applicant for quitting the previous job is also verified. Personal or professional reference claimed by the applicant is considered a part of such verification process as well.

Why is it important?

Most of the modern day companies prefer going with third party pre employment background check companies. Knowing the previous history of the employer is given importance as this reflects a lot of the candidate’s character or interest for the position.Moreover, the present employers aim at getting crucial views about the applicant through the previous employers.

All these reports provide a clearer picture for the employer whether the applicant is really experienced, talented and interested in the particular position. Employers prefer these things to be conducted by a professional service provider, considering the growing threats of frauds, fake applicants or the claims made by them.

A professional job background check service provider can take care of fake resumes, fake references, fake qualification claims etc. This way of the background check through professional service providers is considered a transparent and trusted way of verifying someone’s candidature.

An applicant can generate his own records:

It is here to mention that every state has special departments those keep the record of each employee working for the registered companies. In short, if you are working for a registered company, getting complete detail about your work history is not really a big deal.In fact, complete earning report of a person can also be generated being a taxpayer.

Where to get the information?

The employment history verification service providers often contact the previous employers. They generally contact the human resource department of the concerned

company. Though complete report can be generated through human resource department only, some service providers contact the managers as well for a better reference.

Challenges involved with Employment History Verification:

Though literally, it seems a pretty smooth process to enquire about someone’s past work history, but it’s not that easy in real. Especially, it becomes tough on those occasions where the companies mentioned by the applicant exist no more. At the same time, it’s also a fact that some employers don’t just respond to any such request made by a third party agency.They need thorough clarification and sometimes written assurance as well. This is so as there remains every chance of misusing the detail.

Being specific, the likes of contact information, personal information, salary details,promotion history, and projects handled or job role of the applicant, professional reference are not that easy to be verified through a company. They involve various formalities on this regard, which is sometimes quite a time taking.

Things can be even more challenging for the government employees or if the person’s previous employer was a key government department. Hence, it is always recommended to take help of only a certified background service provider for such needs

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