As everyone knows, Obamacare is a pain. One that nobody wants comply with. And with President Trump heading into office, chances are, you won’t.And is making certain people crazy. They designed this law. It’s for your own benefit. It’s for everyone’s benefit. How can your eject it?You see, some fellows don’t take well to rejection.

Which is why they wrote the law in the first place. And why they are holding gun to everyone’s collective heads, trying to force this train wreck down our throats.And now that the gun is out of their hands, they are going nuts.And so, they are trying to convince you to follow the train wreck anyway.Have you ever dealt with criminals? I have.

These kind of mental games is exactly how theywork. It’s what they learn in prison. How to win without fighting.So, here’s what you need to know.The crackpots who designed this mess are still in charge. To avoid getting into trouble, go along with them for the time being. In two months, we can all forget that they ever existed.So delay. It’s all you need to do.

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