As everyone knows, the Obama administration did everything it could to appease radicalIslam. Among their more infamous actions was repurposing the NASA space exploration agency, changing it to an Islamic outreach organization. This is not an exaggeration, those were literally the words used by Obama when he announced the future of NASA as he saw it.

As he planned it. When he did it (which is important).Of course, a large part of all this was rewriting executive policies and agencies to be very heavily pro Muslim. It also involved appointing like minded judges, and other political appointees.This is still in effect at the EEOC, where they just went to war on behalf of someone who got fired messing around with time cards.The ex-employee received a reprimand for failing to do her job during the month of Ramadan.

She wrote the company, accusing them of anti Muslim bias. The company responded by firing her for messing around with her hours, a practice which they had been allowing to let slide, so long she still did her job. Which she didn’t. So they told her to stop doing it. If you have a reason why you aren’t producing, fine. But the fact is, you aren’t producing, so stop taking advantage of the liberties we grant to those who do produce,which include said Islamic woman when she was producing.She wouldn’t stop, so they let her go.She sued for religious discrimination, and the EEOC ran the show for her, getting over one hundred thousand dollars from the company. This is liking suing someone for not paying for work that you didn’t do because it was Shabbos.

Completely insane.Obviously, the President hasn’t quite drained the swamp yet. To be fair, though, that would require a unilateral firing of the entire federal government. That’s thousands upon thousands of employees, millions of dollars in salaries, and a giant tentacled structure that has embedded itself in every facet of our economy. It would cause an enormous crash. And the President isn’t willing to do that just yet. But if he wants to drain the swamp, and he needs to drain the swamp, he will.

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