Com cast insists that is supporting a freer internet by calling for net neutrality, which is like saying that a wolf insists that it is supporting faster sheep by calling for ankle weights to be attached to the sheep.

Still, people believe them. Well, they also believed that Barack Obama hired honest men,and no grand standers. It looks like you can get people to believe anything these days. Or they just don’t care very much. Which is far more likely to be the case.

Despite the pressure from Google, Facebook, and AT&T, all of whom have direct access to the internet that was unaffected by the net neutrality regulations, as well as such wonderful records when it comes to fair business practices (Ah-Ahem), and the myriad legions of talking heads and politicians that they recruited, the chairman of the FCC dumped the regulations.

According much of social media, we are all dead as a result of his actions, and what we are experiencing now is some weird, post-apocalyptic, post death illusion where we experience the results of our behavior. For most of the people running these accounts, the past year has been a similar experience. There have literally been cuddling businesses making a living of the last presidential election. We need to put such questions on employment applications, ‘have you ever gone to cuddle therapy’. If the answer is yes, no job. Put it on the background check, too.

Emotional basket cases do not make good employees.

Of course, nothing much changed, much of the new regulations (they were only passed in twenty fifteen) have had yet to take effect, fortunately, now, they never will.

Quick summary of net neutrality, it required that Internet Service providers treat all data equally, so an email being sent is treated the same as a video being streamed from, well,anywhere. Of course, this would result in severe slowdowns, to be felt equally be everyone, The net effect of leftism, in any form, is always the same. Everybody suffers along with everyone else, and there is no one to alleviate the pain

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