A advanced background check of an employee is an obvious aspect prior employment.However, there are certain restrictions applied for these background screening companies and the employers have to obey those.

For example, as per the United States Employment rules, past records of someone’s criminal background can’t be a reason behind him/her being discriminated for a position in any way. In fact, some states have the rule that someone’s criminal background report can’t be taken into account if he/she is not convicted.


Restrictions are also applied for the employment background screening companies regarding the aspects they can include as a part of their search. However, these screening reports often include a huge range of verification process, apart from the criminal record search. These verification include the social security number (SSN) to the entire account of the applicant’s past and acquaintances.

In fact, federal law makes it mandate for the employers to conduct background checks.These positions basically involve work profile that is meant to work with small children,specially-able people, or sensitive security departments. Employers need to conduct an advanced background check for these positions.

Verification Details Included:

The details given by the applicant, like driving records, car/bike license, insurance, credit details, etc are included in the list of verification by the employer. Among others, SSN,academic details, court orders, pay packages, conduct certificate, health reports, etc. Are also included in the list of employment verification check. Coming to the financial aspects, the aspects like bankruptcy records, proprietorship, insurances, etc are also included for verification.

Advanced Background Check:

Special care is taken by the employers or the employment verification service providers while verifying the details for a sensitive position, as explained above. Advanced background check conducted for these positions demand the employer to check the armed history, licensing details, and reports of various drug tests. At the same time, they take verification of past employer details as submitted by the applicant very seriously.

If necessary, they even enquire about the personal references detail given by the applicant for each company it joins. They contact the concerned companies directly with proper legal orders to enquire about the applicant. Among others, the details like incarceration records are also checked as the art of these advanced employment verification check.

Coming to the sources through which the details as mentioned above are verified, the employers mostly depend on the official databases. In extreme cases, the employer may also go for questioning the employee for certain details, if it is felt necessary. However, they have to take legal permissions if it is required for them to enquire about the personal details.


Ultimately, the nature of background check, whether it will be basic or advanced, depends upon the factors like the nature of job, salary, etc. In addition, the employer has to make their proceeding in a way that obeys both federal and state laws. From the applicant point of views, he/she may consult a legal advisor if they feel there is any complexity that might create issues in his/her employment.

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