Last month the government, in the form of Missouri Senator Clair Mc Caskill decided to go after companies that seek to keep other companies safe. Specifically, professional background screeners.

According to Sen. Mc Caskill, the purpose of her inquiry into the industry was to ensure that seniors remain unharmed from inaccurate background information.

Of course, such a premise is patently absurd. No one is mistaking the thug from the slums with grandpa, even if they do have the same name. And as seniors are generally in retirement, the chance of them getting hurt by a mistaken reference is practically nil.

Further, as one reads the letter and the requests in it, it becomes increasingly clear that none of the questions therein discuss information that will prevent a mistaken background check.

The threat from lawsuits already exists and is quite real, thanks to FCRA. A yearly report to consumers will only be received by companies, so for individuals it is absolutely pointless.And so on with the others, most of which are completely ridiculous. Were you ever sued,audited or otherwise harassed? Other than people like the Senator, who get enjoy, shall wesay, “Diplomatic” immunity, who wasn’t? And how will any of this information prevent mistakes from happening in the future?

Unfortunately, none of this was enough to keep Mc Caskill from launching her attack. Which only makes sense, considering the current administration’s efforts to win the criminal vote.

Fortunately, the NAPBS is here to absorb the damage, calmly informing the Senator that her premises are nonexistent and that the companies that she cluelessly attacked didn’t necessarily even exist, and that it is on the government to get their own records straight, not on the private companies that receive said government information.

In the interests of further dialogue, the NAPBS has cordially invited the Senator to contact them for any information that she might need, including, of course, why a registry of background check companies is both unnecessary and harmful to ordinary, everyday American workers.Of course, it is doubtful that she will respond, as clueless politicians are now focused on getting ordinary, everyday criminals out of jail and into the workplace, with “force of history”to ensure that no one will get hurt.