Background check for employment purpose has gone a lot easier in modern times. Online Employment background check especially has made things quite smooth and effective at the same time. Starting from very basic identity checks to higher level criminal background check, one can conduct all aspects through online platform only.

According to Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA, the third-party background check companies have to follow the EEO regulations. There are guidelines set by EEOC for the employers as well, to take decisions regarding the employment of a person according to his/her criminal background.

Coming back to the online employment background check, these reports cover all those aspects that one aims to be fulfilled through conventional offline methods. These reports include mentions, starting from the verification of an applicant’s social security number to complete detail about the employee’s past and associates.

Regulations that must be followed by the Background Check Companies

Background check companies, those are responsible for conducting criminal background checks are desired to be very careful about conducting a legally flawless process. Their report should not just include the tenure of conviction. Rather, the nature and level of offense committed by the person also have to be taken into account. Moreover, the time that has passed since the conviction date also needs to be properly checked.

Well, it has been seen on many occasions that applicants get confused a bit when it comes to criminal background check. They fear that the criminal background check report might affect their candidature.

According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), misuse of criminal history is considered offensive. Especially, if the employer tries to exploit the applicant based on the reports of these criminal backgrounds, the concerned employer, as well as the service provider handling background check employment verification, both are considered guilty.

On a legal note if the criminal history violates the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as per the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the concerned employer is considered guilty. Not just for new recruitments, the same rule is also applied from the promotional aspects as well. An employer just can’t discriminate an employee for his/her criminal record.

Why is Professional Background Check Service provider essential?

Background reports can vary from verifying the social security numbers to the complete detail of an employee’s past and acquaintances. Verifying all these by a company HR sometimes doesn’t become possible due to added work pressure.

Hence, the employers prefer going with background check companies that can handle these tasks with perfection, following the regulations perfectly. These third party companies also efficiently handle the federal law norms required for a background check.

To be specific, one needs to look for a professional background check employment verification service provider when it comes to professions that involve working with children, senior citizens, or people with disabilities.

In fact, some cases where the job responsibility involves national security or something as sensitive, the employer is desired to go for professional employment background check services. Some cases also demand the employer to check out the social media profile of the person for a better reference.

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