A candidate is obvious to get worried about his background check a little prior employment. Well, this doesn’t mean the employer can just do anything it wants. It is equally important for an employer as well to follow the regulations well prior conducting the background checks. First of all, it should make sure that there is no discrimination between the candidates while being selected.

Boundaries for the Employer:

An employer is essential to follow the federal background check regulations while conducting the process. The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that no decision should be made regarding a candidate’s employment based on its race, nationality, skin color, gender, religion or even the genetic information.

One can’t be discriminated for his/her medical past as well. Similarly, someone’s candidature can’t be ignored just because he is comparatively older for the position. If the person possesses the desired talent or knowledge, he/she should get selected. The employer can’t intentionally ask certain questions to a certain group or race of people In fact if the situation doesn’t demand, it is illegal to ask an employee or an applicant to produce his/her genetic detail.

Even if you as an employer have managed to get those reports through the employment screening services, make sure these are not misused in any manner. To be specific, the employer should definitely follow the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act or GINA.

Medical Background Details:

An employer is not allowed to ask the medical questions or anything of sort prior to any concerned employment offer has been made. An employee post being selected can’t be asked with medical questions unless the employer gets particular proof that the person is not fit to do the job or is associated with safety issues for certain medical condition.

FCRA Conditions

No matter you do the backgrounds check through in-house staffs as an employer, or do it through the professional employment screening services, following the federal background check regulations are essential in all cases. In those occasions when you get the background information like credit or criminal background report through a company in

concerned business, following the FCRA standards or fulfilling the FCRA conditions are equally important.

First of all, the candidate should be clearly informed that his/her background details might be used for decision making. In fact, the candidate has to be informed in proper written format and must be separate from the employment application. It would be even better if you add specifically about the aspects that are supposed to be checked through the process. But, one thing has to be ensured is that the written format is not prepared in a way to distract the concerned applicant.

At the same time, the candidate’s written authorization for the background check procedures to be followed is also essential to be taken. Only after the candidate agrees with such conditions, an employer can use such background information for its employment purpose. In fact, the applicant has the right to ask about the source from which the details have been taken for such background check purpose.

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