So, this came across my eye.

Another day, another court battle centered around a non-union employer that all egedly retaliated against employees who successfully launched a union-organizing campaign. Was giving them sub-par raises of $666 an “unmistakable” attempt to brand the organizers the Anti Christ or the Devil.

As strange as the above sentence sounds, it’s the basis for an actual court case that was recently decided by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case was Lifter et al v. Cleveland State University et al.

Here’s the background: A team of husband-and-wife law professors, Sheldon Gelman and Jean Lifter, claim their employer, Cleveland State University, retaliated against the duo because Gelman mounted a successful union-organizing campaign.

‘Perceived opponents as the Antichrist’

The retaliation took the form of a $666 raise, a raise that was well-below what the anti-Anti Christ couple believed they were entitled to. And of course, the only explanation for that specific raise could be that the number:

“is a universally understood symbol of the Antichrist or Devil — one of our culture’s most violent religious images. Implicitly, but unmistakably and obviously intentionally, used his powers to set faculty salaries as an occasion to brand his perceived opponents as the Antichrist.”

Unfortunately for the professors, it didn’t take a court much to shoot down that argument. In its decision, it said:

“After ranking the law school faculty based on objective, self-reported indices of performance,divided the faculty into three performance tiers: a $5,000 merit-raise tier, a $3,000 merit-raise tier, and a third ‘catch-all’ tier. … Evidence in the record supports Boise’s account that, at least initially, third-tier faculty members were supposed to receive $727, a number that has nobiblical significance. Only after the merit pool was reduced, and only after Boise made several minor equitable adjustments to the merit-raise distribution, did Gelman receive a raise of$666.”

Another problem with the Antichrist claim: The $666 raise also went to some anti-union professors, the court said.

Etc. etc., yada, dada whatever.

The point here is a different one in entirety. Which idiot hired these clowns in the first place?

Seriously, who hires activists to work in their own company? That is literally begging for acrackpot lawsuit, for whatever reason comes to hand.

Activists don’t live in reality, or anywhere in the same zip code. They are neurotic and live securely inside their own heads. I suppose that that may be a qualification for a professor, it should be a dis qualifier for anyone else. Of course to know who is an activist and who isn’t it is necessary to run a background check, so do so.

It is worth running a background check or three if it means keeping the crazies out of your company.

Run the background check.

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