Continuing from the most recent article of this name, we will now move on with the saga of the social justice freak who spent two days grinding all productive work in the kitchen to a halt, all so she can make everyone else dance around her while she tarnished a fellow employee with a false accusation.

The accusation had by now been proven false, and the accused was now back at his job.Management still had to deal with Ms. Lesbian wacko, however, and she continued to prove herself an unending source of pointless headaches.

Upon hearing that her accusation had been rejected as false, as all of the videos had clearly indicated that the accused had been nowhere near the accuse at any time near the time of the accusation, our social justice wacko promptly lost it, taking advantage of protocol to force everyone in the room to listen to her give a half an hour lecture as to how they were all a bunch of patriarchal oppressors who were oppressing her on account of her being a minority.

The next two weeks were a litany of harassment accusations, one after the next. She accused everyone in the building of harassment, including employees she hadn’t even spoken to. The entire management had to put themselves on suspension for sexual harassment accusations, as per protocol. Fortunately, as she was known to be crazy, the investigations never took more than a few minutes, especially as there were cameras in all of the offices. This made things a good deal more bearable.

Throughout this entire time, she refused to do any work, not without causing problems of some sort or another. The entire staff knew of her shenanigans by now, so everyone was careful not to be alone with her at any time.

After two weeks of nonstop headaches and little work, they finally had enough to go the union to justify her firing. Hearing this, she quit.

The long headache was finally over.

Needless to say, all of this could have been avoided by simply conducting a thorough investigation into her background before hiring. Going forward, all employees should be vetted properly, not just qualifications but also whether or not they had spent any time as an activist.

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