In the last piece titled this way, I started telling a story. I will now continue that story.

We were holding where the new employee cut down on the already to small kitchen workforce with an accusation, an accusation that also forced the whole management to stop what they were doing so that they could take care of it.

The day after the accusation, the food service director, the nursing home administrator, and two other management officers sat for six hours, looking at video from several different angles, half an hour before the alleged incident, half an hour after the alleged incident.

They also questioned the plaintiff, trying clarify exactly what happened.

As I said before, this proved somewhat difficult, as the only clear statement that they could get out of her was that she was a lesbian, and that she didn’t like being touched.

However, protocol must be followed. Especially with accusations like these.

After two days, the management came to the unmistakable conclusion that the new employee was lying, for whatever reason it may be. There was simply no way that her accusation was true, the accused worker was nowhere near the accuser at any time during the time of the alleged incident. They called up the accused, apologized for the affair,assured him of his back pay, and asked him back to work. They were short on staff as it is,the quicker he got back the better.

During this entire time, however, the accuser refused to work. She was busy for some of the time answering questions, true, but she also didn’t work without the kitchen manager looking over her shoulder, and he was busy with the accusation. Protocol must be followed.

However, the story was not yet over. Just because it was now clear that the crazy lesbian was a lying crazy lesbian, that didn’t mean that they were done with her antics and

shenanigans yet.

She would continue to cause trouble for some time.

All this highlights the need for thorough and exhaustive background checks, the kind that ferrets out this kind of agenda driven insanity and keeps it out of the workplace to begin with.

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