Instant Background checks are a Well of Lawsuits

Instant Background checks are a Well of Lawsuits

Over the past three years, a large number of companies have been sued for violating FCRA rules while running background checks. Companies such as Whole Foods, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Domino’s Pizza have found out the hard way that there is large and obdurate legal system standing between them and potential employee background information.

To comply with EEOC and FCRA rules is an extremely difficult and dangerous process. One mistake can land you in a mountain of lawyer’s letters and an army of both public and private lawsuits. With this in mind, it is not difficult to understand how such large and well run companies have fallen into the trap.

Of course, anyone can get by a lawsuit for trying to run a background check. Usually this happens when trying to use instant background check services. Generally speaking, these sites contain, and turn up, limited and inaccurate information and forms, the use of which can land in hot water. This is why you need to run proper background checks.

To help protect both yourself, your employees, and your costumers, make sure you do a comprehensive background check prior to hiring your applicant.


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