So, the good news is that EEOCs supersize overreach has been stayed indefinitely. As Randell Johnson, VP of immigration, labor and employee benefits has said: “We have just learned that the deadline for compliance with the new EEO-1 form reporting requirement for data on hours and compensation will be stayed indefinitely. According to our sources,based their decision on two grounds, one of which was the appeal submitted by the Chamber that highlighted the new form’s problems with cost, utility, and confidentiality.

Will be publishing further details about what actions they will be taking and any future deadlines and timelines in the Federal Register.“This is a victory, not just for the business community, but for common sense in the world of regulations and information collection. As you know, the Chamber was at the fore front throughout the development of the revised form in crafting arguments opposing EEOC’s gross overreach in expanding the existing EEO-1 form to unmanageable proportions without any discernable benefit.”Well, it doesn’t get any clearer than that.

As stated numerous times, a regulation needs to be sensible if it is to retain respect. And when a regulation loses respect, it loses compliance. Oh, not officially, but there is nothing that regulations generate quite as much as they generate BS. And with the amount brought into play by those whose livelihood depend on it, these rules may as well not exist, period.

This particular rule, which was slated to go into effect on March first of twenty eighteen,would have required employers to divide and report employees according to pay scale,categorized by a system of ‘bands’. It would have also changed deadlines. All of these are now of no relevance.

Of course, it would be best if the government wasn’t involved in any of this at all. Liberals like to imagine a utopia, where all of their ideas don’t collapse in flaming heap of garbage every time they get tried, burning everyone in the area. So let’s imagine for a moment a world where the government doesn’t stand over your shoulder, watching your every move.

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