To ensure efficient hiring in the organisations, the human resource department always seeks for background check services. Without the background checking services, it is very suspicious to hire a candidate. Nowadays, it is impossible to judge the character and behaviour of a candidate, from the educational details and certificates. But with the help of background checking services, it is possible to know all the background details of the candidate. Mainly, a background check service includes the following checks/ tests –

National criminal Database –

To know whether the candidate has any pending or ongoing criminal cases, the reputed service providers prefer to check through the National criminal Database. There are more than 505 million records in the database, and if the candidate is involved with any criminal activities, then he/she will be found in the database. This database involves information of a country level search. Thus all the information is genuine and highly accurate.

Address and social security Trace –

If an individual is working in the US, then he/she has a social security number. This social security number contains all the information of the candidates and their working profiles.Again, it is very necessary to check the present and past address of the candidate, as inmost of the background checks; the address history doesn’t match the given address.

National sex offender Registry check –

Some candidates are associated with various sex offending issues. So, it will be very much risky to hire such candidates. The reputed service providers understand the intensity of the situation, and accordingly, check the details of every candidate through the National Sex

Offender Registry. To grab the best results, the service providers go with the information of US Department of Justice Sex offenders.

Driving records –

If the job is regarding the post of a driver, then it is very important to check the driving records of the candidate. The background checking service providers grab the information from the Motor vehicle Registry checks for the suspensions, traffic violations, and accidental cases.

Drug screenings –

This is the most important check, which is greatly demanded by the organisations. If you are hiring a candidate, who is addicted to illegal drugs, then it will affect the working atmosphere of the organisation. Thus, the service providers efficiently manage the in-house drug testing and provide instant results.

Past employment and education verifications –

Some candidates fake their qualifications to grab the job. But by hiring such candidates, the overall productivity of the organisation will be greatly affected. Thus, it is recommended to include the employment and education checks in the package.

Financial check –

It is important for an organisation to know the credit history of the candidates. Many candidates are associated with different fraud cases regarding the transaction of the finance. Thus, a credit history can provide an overall idea about the candidate.

So, if you want to opt for the background check services, then consider the above checks in the package.

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