Any individual in New York holds the constitutional right to have New York’s public record,according to Freedom of Information Law. Any of the state board, municipality, state division, or state authority agency falls under the Freedom of Information regulations.Public record here basically means any information that is generated, provided or kept at the above agencies.

As each of the agencies as mentioned above keeps information of people, one can easily collect these following legal procedures. This is the reason that the best background check service providers are based in New York only. In general, the agencies keep records for voting practices. Information like name and salaries of people are thoroughly maintained within the database.

Needless is to say that most of the employers conduct employee background check prior hiring the candidate. In general, candidates remain in doubt about the kind of data these employers collect. Well, no doubt of such would remain once someone understands the regulations of New York public records properly.

How to collect General Information about death, birth, marriage, etc

Information about an applicant or any other person doesn’t really mean the criminal records always. It may also include information like birth date, a day of demise, marriage, etc.Information of such can be collected through New York State Department of Health. One can have birth and death detail from 1881. One may request for such information by visiting the department in person, or through the mail.

Enquiring about Criminal Records:

The entire criminal records of New York are maintained in New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. Here one can find complete information regarding the criminal background check New York, done prior employing. If you doubt about the authentication of the data produced by the employer, you can request for your own criminal record and match it.

The best part, if there is no criminal record about you, it shows “no records” that means there is no criminal record of the concerned person in the state of New York for the criminal background check New York.

Information about arrest Records:

Though one person can’t ask for personal information about any other, there is relaxation for the employers or in a case of the inquiries needed for licensing. Similar is the case about arrest record of a person. An employer or background check service providing agency can collect such information showing the legitimate reason that meets the norms of Public Officers Law.

The New York Criminal State Division of Criminal Justice Services distributes the background check reports of the state.

Collecting the Court Records in New York:

Coming to the court records, these are collected by the New York Unified Court System.Here the information is collected of up to state level or county level. Employers can collect information about judicial verdicts or the cases filed through this system for criminal background check New York.

Information that is not Revealed:

There are certain cases where the records as of above can’t be revealed. Especially, the information that holds the possibility of hindering any contract is not revealed in general.Information that could affect a current legal process is also not allowed. In such cases, the employers have to go with an advanced background check service provider.

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