Any company would wish that the person they hire is trustworthy. This is the reason that human resource teams pay so much importance on preparing a flawless consumer investigative report. Such reports talk about the concerned person’s complete background. Starting from his everyday life, social image to personality all gets evident through such reports.

However, some companies even feel the needs of enquiring the person’s mates, relatives,etc. Reports thus generated help the HR professionals in proper decision making. These reports specially hold a lot of value while making decisions regarding promotion. Well, a person is usually informed prior such report preparation.

Consumer Investigative Report Background Check

According to federal law, a recruiter has to take permission from the concerned person prior going for Consumer Investigative Report. In fact, the recruiter has to offer one copy of the report prepared, in case the recruitment is not done.

Anyway, about most of the recruiters find it safe to prepare such reports as they find it safer in avoiding the future complexities. Rather, a top community of human resource professionals has to claim that they find about forty percent of information given on CVs unreliable.

Criminal History Record Check Recruiters pay equal level of priority to national criminal history record to check as well,as much importance as they pay to the background reports. Criminal history record checks are considered important by the recruiters to avoid the office crimes.



With growing incidents of criminal activities like data interpretation, hacking, data manipulation, etc., such records are a must to be checked. Companies fear as there remains every possible threat from the competitors to grab crucial information through such dangerous personalities.

In fact, it is also possible that the concerned person may be an agent of the competitors.Criminal history checking is thus important to be prepared along with background reports.

The basic difference between consumer reports from the criminal report is that these reports are meant to verify the details given by an applicant. On the other hand, criminal records ensure that the person has no legal implications. Consumer reports of a person are considered more sensitive than the criminal records,though. Hence, the recruiters are advised to follow the strict legal procedures while preparing such reports. Especially, care must be taken by the recruiters if they have to take a decision based on a consumer report. This can also be claimed a reason that the recruiters are advised to notify the person prior preparing such a background report.

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