A new law passed in the State of Vermont displays a mistaken belief in the usual fallacies that gave rise to the ban the box campaign in the first place, but at the same time demonstrates a level of intelligence in how it goes about caving in to public pressure, doing so in a way that does not actively prevent employers from protecting their workers.

Unlike most other ban the box laws, this law does not make it illegal to inquire about a potential employee’s history completely, only to put the box on the application. So you can still inquire in person or externally. And then you must give the employee a way to contest the information, but you already have to do that anyhow. So it’s only evidence, not full on proof.

Earlier I mentioned that fallacies gave rise to the law. What are these fallacies? As follows:number one, that an employer will reject an applicant purely on the basis of the box being checked off, this is a fallacy; no one didn’t get hired because they spent six hours in jail on account of a traffic stop. Number two, that employers won’t do whatever they can to found about potential dangers, and through this find a way around the law. They will.

Their employees matter to them. Number three, that employers don’t give applicants a chance to contest the information, or explain it away, they do so on their own and are in fact required to so already by FCRA law.Employers have until July 1, 2017 to comply with the law.

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