Employers, you have been warned. If you are hiring someone, make sure he is a normal person, not whiny college kid or oppression expert, but someone with an actual, solid work ethic.You’ve been warned.What happens if you don’t? Well, take a look at the government’s newest website, and you should understand really fast.Briefly, this is a site designed to make stinging you easy. For any complaint, real or (as always) imagined, there are now step by step instructions so that even the slow est deadbeat in the neighborhood can sue you for whatever you’ve got, and he doesn’t even have to make up the story. The site includes information and links to the folks at all of the various government agencies who will be happy to do the hard work for him. All they need from him are names possibly a date or two and the type of violation he’d like to hit you with.The professionals at the EEOC, etc. will be more than happy to take it from there.So, the obvious solution would be to not hire deadbeats, easy enough with background checks. Unfortunately, they also made it a crime to press for information on a potential employee. Seriously, one of the top complaints is ‘I am being asked for too much documentation’. Documentation, as in the stuff people use to check out whether or not other people are telling the truth. Goodbye background checks. The applicant will print out whatever he wants at a friend’s computer, and then sue you for trying to verify it. And don’t even think about instant online searches, those are about as reliable as the FBI’s infamous no-fly list, which has zero correction mechanism and marked Ted Kennedy, (yes that Ted Kennedy) as a terrorist. Worse, you can get in trouble for trying to use the results of those searches, thanks to high profile mess ups.

Ultimately, the only way to protect yourself is to use professional companies who will take care of the background checks for you, who will be able to find out for you whether or not said applicant is telling the truth.

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