In January of the year 2011, the Luna Gaming Central City casino was bought out and renamed Reserve Casino Hotel. In an effort to shore up business and attract new and younger clientele, they management put a focus on hiring younger workers to serve the cocktails and attend to the slot machines.

Fortunately, this caught people’s eye. Unfortunately, it was the eye of the wrong people.

They had caught the attention of the EEOC, (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

The EEOC was founded to fight racism and other forms of unjust discrimination. Turns out,when you are a hammer the whole world is a nail. The motives of the company are as clear as daylight. That we have a technicality here means nothing, as the law in question was written to fight against certain types of intent, not to see to it that every human being in the world is employed.

That didn’t stop the EEOC from suing the casino $250,000.00. That’s a quarter of a million dollars, for the crime of trying to give your business a with-it appearance. Including tying them up in red tape for many years.Ideological or idiocy?

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