Don’t let holiday pressures get you to overlook security

Don’t let holiday pressures get you to overlook security

As the holiday season kicks into gear, employers are finding staffing to be a full time job.
The two months between Halloween and New Years are historically among the busiest time of
the year for storekeepers. This is due to a number of factors coming into play all at the same
time, namely winter shopping, coming back from Halloween scare fest, Black Friday sales, and
the gift giving holidays coming at the tail end of the season. All together, these factors drive the
greatest spike in shopping on a year to year basis.
This also puts enormous strain on the shops themselves, as they struggle to keep up with the
incredible demand. For the most part, this means acquiring stock to meet the customers’ needs.
For the rest, it means finding the staff to help run the business.
This leads many into the temptation of forgoing the usual best practices that go into hiring, such
as proper interviews and background screening.
This is a mistake. The increased pressures of the holiday season mean that this is the time when
you could least afford a catastrophic error. And that means that you have all the more reason to
minimize risk, because the last thing you want is someone who will give you a bad name in the
middle of the holiday season.
Consider the scenario, you get a big order form a reliable and well paying customer, you hand it
off to one of your new part time staffers for delivery, and you get a phone call four hours later
demanding to know where their order is. Or what happened to half of the supplies.
Ordinarily, you could fix this up with a few well-placed words and a hasty make up delivery,
though you’ll be out the original. During this season, however, you haven’t the time.
Next thing you know, you’ve lost a customer, the order, and whatever labor you were going to
give to mister smiley.
This happens on fairly frequent basis, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. To protect yourself,
all you need to do is keep up your hiring standards.
Keep up with the face to face interviews. And run background checks.

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