Employment verification check is one of the most frequently dealt service demands for the background check service providers. The employers want to check authentication of details submitted by the candidate, starting from educational qualification, working experience, criminal background, etc. It’s not necessary that the companies go for employment verification check only prior hiring them.

They may go for it anytime after employing, especially during the promotion or prior sending them to handle any on-site(foreign) project. Irrespective of the case, taking help of a professional service provider can indeed be a suitable option for the employers. These service providers primarily conduct following verification steps.

Criminal Background Check

Checking criminal record is one of the integral parts of employment history verification service offered by professional companies. The service providers offer complete clearance report about the concerned professional’s criminal history collected through records of state, county, and federal courts. They study records of each court and explain the employer about each point. The criminal records they research about are court warrants,conviction, sentences, and all another criminal background check.

Individuality and Professional Status Authorization

According to the federal laws, an organization should employ only those foreign professional who fulfills all legal norms to work in the nation. Hence, identity and work status authorization is an important part of overall employment history verification service offered by the professional pre employment background check service providers. These service providers take care of whole e-verification aspects as well to assure the employer.There are also the web-based services to authenticate the social security numbers, which ensure the identity of the concerned person the employers want to hire.

Credit Report

This is considered one of the most challenging aspects of all types of background checks for employment. It is important to note that an employer should receive written approval prior obtaining the credit report of a person. Credit report delivers information like debt amount, residential address, identity, etc. Well, credit report never reveals anything like bank account number or marital information of the person to be hired.

Connecting with the References

Organizations prioritize this among all types of background checks for employment as it lets them to contact the previous employer. As a result, the employer can be assured about the authentication of the details submitted by the person regarding his previous salary,experience, etc.

Authentication of Academic qualification and License

This step of verification is meant to ensure whether the details provided by the person regarding the license obtained by him through regional, state or federal centers are actually authentic. In addition, the entire educational certificate of the person is verified through this step.

Traffic and other Verification

This verification step reveals the entire driving history of the person, starting from authentication of his license, traffic violation history, accident, etc.

Apart from all types of checks explained above, social media account check has also become an integral part of employee background check in modern time. Well, they don’t go deep through such checks, except to know the person’s interest, hobbies, political orientation, etc.

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