And, in a move that surprised exactly no one, brain dead gadfly Susan Collins joined up with petty dip shit John McCain in order to torpedo- with the aid of grand stander Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul- the latest Congressional attempt to rid the American people of the terrible anchor that hangs around our neck, the monstrosity known as Obamacare.After this, Congress is going to try to pass tax reform before returning for another self-inflicted beating.

Whoever thinks this tax bill will go any better than repeal did, raise your hand.Yeah, I thought so.The problem isn’t the bills. It’s the petty jerks like McCain, who put their over-inflated lightly bruised egos ahead of the country, just so they can teach you not to mess with them.

Can we redo the part where John McCain gets allowed into the Republican Party?It’s also the idiots like Collins, who run on Republican platforms and then throw it all away in exchange for a few headlines and some invitations to nice parties.And the thank you notes, let’s not forget the thank you notes, written by eight year olds laboring under the watchful eyes of their woke, unmarried teachers.

And by eight year olds who haven’t developed emotionally or mentally past that age, despite their bodies moving on without them. Great job, parents. I’m sure you are real proud of your kids, sticking their fingers into steam engines and screaming who it’s everyone else’s fault when the whole train comes tumbling off the rails.

So, how do we fix this mess?I have heard calls for the president to issue executive orders designed to roll back Obamacare. While this may be possible, the delicateness of the dance that this would require makes me doubt as to whether or not it is practical. Also, I have yet to see any clearly written plans as to how this will work. What are the orders supposed to say exactly?So, I recommend a different, slightly bolder plan.

A bit riskier in the short run, maybe, and definitely far more difficult to arrange, but I believe that it will reap far greater dividends in the long term.I am talking about a representative recall, better known as a recall election.McCain openly lied to his constituency, and right now the iron is hot enough for us to do something about it.

I am not sure whether or not we can push out Collins, and we probably aren’t going manage Murkowski, but we can definitely put McCain out of power, and away from places where he can be a threat to others.If we do this, the President won’t be forced to make deals with Chuck Schumer every time something needs to get done, and we’ll all get to rest easier, knowing that the Senate is actually in reliable hands.

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