A company that sells and rents Security Work Space booths recently found themselvesshorthanded. Seeing as they were a fast growing company rapidly finding their space, theydecided to hire a warehouse man, with the potential to getting promoted to driver. So, theylooked around and found somebody that looked promising, and they hired him.For three weeks, everything was on the up and up. He came in time, took his work seriouslyand responsibly, and did it well. So, the company sent him on his first delivery, undersupervision. Everything went well. So, they sent him out again, this time on a 2-day trip.Again, everything was fine. So, the company sent him out on a weekend delivery, witheverything prepped and ready to go, all he needed to do was drive.When the administrators arrived at the company after the weekend, they found a totalmess of the place. The garage was broken and hanging open, glass was everywhere, thingswere damaged and scattered all over. Checking the surveillance, they found that the driverhad come in, gotten into the truck, and started out at full speed.Unfortunately, he had neglected to fully open the garage door before doing so. The boothgot knocked offthe bed and was shattered, and the door was destroyed. Realizing whathe’d done, the driver got some help and pulled together a new order, wrecking thewarehouse in the process. However, this did not explain where the driver and truck haddisappeared to. After calls to his phone went unanswered, the company decided to try thevehicle tracker. A quick check revealed that the truck was parked at the address of thetowing company.After some calls, the company ascertained that the driver had failed to secure the load on the back of the truck, allowing it to fall out and shatter all over the road causing a two-hourroad closure on a major highway. The driver himself had been arrested for DUI, driving witha suspended license, possession of illegal drugs and a host of other issues. A quickbackground check revealed that the man was a known criminal with a history of alcoholabuse. Pursuant to this, the company checked his company credit card and found itstacked with numerous unauthorized transactions.In the end, the company suffered over twelve thousand dollars in damages.So, the CEO of Sapphire Background Check, LLC is quoted saying, doing a backgroundcheck prior to hiring s a wise investment an employer can make, and it could end of savingyou thousands of dollars



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