Companies are allowed to make their own in house rules. This is the law in these United States, implemented so we don’t wind up with an economic system like they had in Germany, were the government made laws for companies to obey. Known as guidelines,these rules gave the German government an incredible level of leverage over all aspects of life in that country, which they were more than happy to put to use.Then came the trend to protect us all from ourselves, where the government needs to step in and defend the little guys in society from the bullies, before whom the rest of us are completely helpless. Of course, such thinking is properly referred to as living in a movie.At least, that’s what they call it in Israel. Here it’s called leftism.So, under the mantle of guarding the helpless, the government proceeded to stage a series of interventions, passing laws one after the next to enable them to feel good about themselves and mess around with whatever they thought would be worth messing around with. Needless to say, such behavior has side effects.Mainly, the side effect of screwing over everyone who is not working to advance the line in the battle for moral supremacy, also known as people who actually work for a living.Take this story: A Sonoma county utility company hired an employee to do customer service. This unfortunate suffered from migraines, for which she took a prescription drug on occasion.This drug had the following side effects: it made the patient woozy and irritable, tired, and in no way fit to function in any role, let alone a customer service role. When the management found out, they immediately told her to stop taking the drug, to get a different script.Instead she applied for government protection and brought a note from her doctor that she needed the drug, and could do her job while under the side effects, empirical evidence

notwithstanding. With their hands tied, the management found a new way to get her off this drug, opioid restrictions.Restrictions in hand, they told her to get a different drug, or not to come to work when she was on it.She ignored them. So they fired her.(Plays music) government to the rescue! Forcing the company to pay her nearly two million dollars, the government makes it clear to one and all once again that sanity has no place in this world, that rationality will not stand. Not so long as they are here, to fight for the underdog, and crush those who do not think exactly as they do.See, this is exactly why government intervention is by definition a bad idea. It’s like asking a policeman to help you with your toothache. What is he going to do, shoot it?

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