A recent court case indicates that people are still more likely than not to at tribe terrible motives to you.This sobering reminder was issued to a Midwestern company that sometime ago was forced to lay off a number of employees. In choosing who to lay off, the company chose to look ahead somewhat and lay off those employees that were approaching retirement age as it was, simply moving up their retirements slightly rather than fire people who would be staying with the company for a while.Of course, where there’s a choice to be made, there’s a lawsuit to be had.The company quickly found itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled former employee, one alleging age discrimination. (Age discrimination? Is that even possible? This isn’t like race where there isn’t any difference aside from skin color. Age is a very real biological phenomenon with very real effects. It isn’t just a melanin increase, it’s a measure of intellectual maturity, physical development, and possible senility. And a bunch of other things besides.)Worthiness of the concept aside, the company was sued on charges of getting rid of old people to make room for younger folks. (Take a moment. Let that phrase sink in.Contemplate what it means. Realize the fundamental ridiculousness of the situation.)The first incarnation of the case was thrown from court.But, during the case, the company decided that if it meant so much to the poor employee,they would give him his job back. So they subcontracted him, and told him that if he dropped the idiotic yet bothersome lawsuit (as they all are, as anyone who has any experience with the system whatsoever can tell you) they would keep him on indefinitely.

He refused the offer, so they let him go after a bit.What happens next? The words that the manager who gave him the offer used were ‘make the whole thing go away’. The enterprising parasite and future politician with a great future in the socialist party promptly tacked on the phrase to his reincarnation of the lawsuit, using as proof of malicious intention to flout the law.The jury awarded him nearly a million dollars.I call for an IQ test for anyone who goes on jury duty. At the very least, a high school graduation.

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