Our governmental system is designed to prevent dictatorial power. In order for a president to get things done, he needs the cooperation of both Congress and the Senate, and with Washington being a swamp, he will need to negotiate a great deal with members of both parties.

This means that it might take a bit of time before he begins to deliver on his promises.

However, that is no reason to get down. While the President may not be able to pass or repeal legislation, he can still repeal regulations. Using a technique provided by the Congressional Review act, even a simple majority of Congress can repeal regulation, so long as the President signs on.

This means that until now the technique was moot, but now it will start coming in handy to help repeal the mountains of regulation that the Obama administration has passed in recent days.

And there are a lot of them.

Point in fact, most of what he needs to repeal is not legislation, but regulation.

This means that even before Congress can get itself sorted out, President Trump can start rolling back some of the harmful regulation that have been passed by the current administration.

Among the regulations that can be rolled back:

Environmental mandates, including limits on formaldehyde use and stricter truck fuel efficiency rules;

A Food and Drug Administration ban on the sale of antibacterial soaps;

A requirement that federal contractors provide paid sick leave for their workers;

Stricter consumer protections on prepaid debit cards;

Federal loan forgiveness for students at schools that shut down

A rule that bars nursing homes that receive federal funding from requiring residents to resolve all disputes through arbitration, rather than in court.

All these and more will face rollbacks, as the Trump administration will work to get the government out of the way and clear a path for Americans and American businesses.

On the matter of employment companies and background checks, President Trump can modify the ADA, which will end some major headaches for most employers.

Also on the matter of background checks, we can probably see the return of E-verify, which will prove a major asset for background check companies. And let us not forget the greatest rollback of all, the removal the EPA rule that grants the government control over puddles that form in your backyard.

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