So, there has been a cultural earthquake. Harvey Weinstein is a molester. Who knew?
Well, I did. And I live in New York, and honestly don’t care about Hollywood. The most I know about Hollywood is the occasional headline from the ‘entertainment’ sidebar on webpages.
And I still knew that Hollywood was filled with perverts from top to bottom. How could it not be? I also knew about Weinstein, but that was because Seth McFarlane told me his name, when he told everyone else at that awards show. I don’t know which, all I remember was the headline, ‘Seth McFarlane jokes that actresses no longer need to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein’. The implications of said joke were so on the nose that you couldn’t miss it unless you wanted to.
So, how did I know that Hollywood is chock full of perverts? Because of the films they made. And that they still make. Cinematography is an art form, and an artist writes about what he sees inside of him. So Hollywood producers have been telling us about what’s inside of them for the past eighty years. And it mostly isn’t pretty. Now, you mix twisted, repressed artists like that, with desperate and needy actresses that are like this, with a libertine environment like Hollyweed, and you will get the breeding ground for monsters, Inc. It’s simply a matter of numbers. There is no way to avoid it without changing the recipe, it doesn’t matter what color the mixing bowl is or how long you leave it in the oven. It will happen.
The problem arises when people start thinking that the rest of the world is like Hollywierd, a big mixture of weirdos, kooks, and fruitcakes of all colors but with a single type (Hollywood (definition: containing nothing but an overabundance of good looks, confidence and egotism)) all thrown together with absolutely no regard for consequences.
Still, people who haven’t quite learned to control themselves do exist, even if they mostly gravitate towards certain environments, and you do need to protect yourself from those few that may drift your way. First, get a gun.
Next, run background checks on all of your employees. If it happens on your watch, you are responsible for it.
So go to a background check company, and ask them to run a background check on each of your employees. They are all your responsibility.
So look out for them.

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