A man working at a factory in Kansas showed up one day to work with something on his mind other than his job. He had just received a court order restricting him from approaching his girlfriend, and his blood was boiling. In fact, he had just decided to take out his frustration on everything around him.
Mr. Smith worked as a painter in the factory on the second shift. Ordinarily pretty calm, nobody thought that anything was wrong with him.
One day, after an argument, he attacked his girlfriend and choked her, bringing her to the ground. The woman called police, and the restraining order was given.
One week later, Mr. Smith, who had illegally acquired a firearm, came to the factory later than usual. Rather than enter and start working as he always did, he proceeded to storm the building, shooting 14 people. The killing spree ended when a local sheriff shot him.
Unfortunately, for 3 people the police had come too late.
The worst part of it all? All of this could have been prevented. Mr. Smith possessed a criminal record in no less than two states. A simple check would have been sufficient to show that the potential worker had a history fighting, stealing, and illegal use of firearms. Put together this would have been more than enough to start setting off red flags, enough to ensure that at the least people would have kept an eye on him.
Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened.
A background check on a potential employee can prevent workplace violence, Sol, the CEO of Sapphire Background Check, LLC is quoted saying,

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