IRS provides proof that it means it this time around

IRS provides proof that it means it this time around

This dynamic created a backlash that eventually convinced the Obama administration to tell the IRS (quietly, of course) to lay off on the penalties, effectively removing the teeth that were scaring employers into slashing worker counts and hours. Publicly, they announced that they would be running roughshod all over the Obamacare mandates, providing cover and confidence for people to ignore the rules.
Now, however, there is a new administration in town. One that is holding the administrative heads accountable, and is coming down on the IRS for its misbehavior during the Obama years. So the IRS is responding by trying to hurt the current administration by undermining public confidence, and what better way to do that than by scaring people?
Now, the letter itself means nothing, since there is a valid executive order commanding regulatory and enforcement agencies to stand down with regards to Obamacare. That order still stands, despite what the IRS wants you to think.
The question is, what is this? What gives the IRS the right to act pettily because it is upset at being held accountable?
Well, it doesn’t. The IRS is like the rest of government, staffed during the eight years of the previous administration with whimps, whinos and millennials. This means that it’s polluted from top to bottom with spoiled brats that haven’t been thrown out yet, because they need the staffers as all of the normal ones quit once the IRS began hiring toxic college students. The ones who didn’t actually get a useful degree, majoring in gender studies or some other topic focused on whining about things that they don’t understand.
Of course all of this could have been avoided if they had bothered to run background checks. Actually, it probably wouldn’t have made a difference, as the administration was run by overgrown millennials, and like is attracted to like.
We, however, are not bound by such limitations, and we can avoid hiring toxic employees. We can run the background checks, and make use of them properly.
So do so.

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