Government misses red flags, we must be aware

Government misses red flags, we must be aware

Over the last few years, we have seen a rash crime and terrorism explode across the face of the globe. In almost every case, the criminals and terrorists in question had set red flags through their behavior, and yet they had still managed to slip through their governments fingers.
Without going into individual cases, it is clear that the government cannot be relied upon to catch crazies before they hurt people, and the solution is not to expand metadata. They are seeing these people, they just aren’t catching them.
The reasons for government inefficiency aside (just visit your local DMV office), it devolves upon the rest of us to find ways to defend ourselves.
The most logical solution is to train and equip firearms. For many, that isn’t an option. Those individuals who cannot arm themselves must other ways to protect themselves. This does not include martial arts; we are not living in a Bruce Lee movie. What is left is what is called situational awareness. Also the foundation literally every self-defense technique in existence, including those that involve firearms, this means to track what is going on around you. Unfortunately, this is not much of a technique. It does not actually do anything in the event that you get stuck in a situation with an active crazy. But seeing as that is all that there is, we must use it to its fullest. This means track everyone that you allow into the room with you.
Because that is all you can do.

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