The DOL still works hard to ensure that paying your employees will be a major headache

The DOL still works hard to ensure that paying your employees will be a major headache

The DOL may as well have a sign hanging over the door to its front office, one that reads, WE DETERMINE WHO WILL GET PAID WHAT IN THIS COUNTRY, AND SO HELP THE ONE THAT EVEN THINKS HE CAN CHOOSE WHAT TO PAY. Honestly, you just know that not one of these guys ever qualified for a pay raise back when they were working in the private sector. If they were ever even able to get a job there.
So, what exactly did the DOL do now? Nothing, but it’s always good to go over the ways in which the DOL seeks to screw you as they seek to get revenge on those of us who actually work.
First, deductions are considered as taken off of the hourly rate. This means that you could find yourself paying someone less than 7.25 an hour, even though they never showed up to work. So you need to make sure that the employee signs off on the docked cash, so he knows this isn’t an unauthorized change in wages, and make sure that you never dock enough pay that the ‘rate’ falls below the minimum wage.
In California, workers can walk out with the store, but you can’t dock anything. Pro tip: don’t open a business in California. Seriously, it’s not worth it.
Second, bonuses and other extras are, again, considered as part of salaries. This means that you need to add them into the calculations when figuring out overtime. It’s probably more worth it not give out bonuses and extras period, but that most likely what these bloodsuckers want.
Third, make sure that you pay your workers based on the amount of work they actually put in. this means not relying on the shift clock, and actually tracking their hours. Make sure the clock punches look legitimate. This may seem a like a weird thing for the DOL to get involved in, but that’s only until you realize that the DOL isn’t about helping workers, it’s about screwing employers.
Fourth, don’t make any assumptions about who is exempt and who isn’t. Check with your lawyer first.
Fifth, run a background check on the lot of them. If anyone does something stupid, the blame is on you.

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