California goes to war against the feds

California goes to war against the feds

Normally, a war against the feds would be waged by Chicago mobsters during the 1920’s and early 30’s. Now, however, mankind’s search for meaning has polarized it, with one half of humanity believing in God, and the other half believing in government. The half that believes in God is now in charge of the Federal government, whereas California has been ridden into the ground for the past dozen years by the other half.
So, the Californians are finding meaning in life by going to war against the other half, in this case the feds. And the battleground of today is… (drumroll please) immigration enforcement! The feds say that we need to enforce our laws so that we can keep scum out of our cities were they would do us harm, so California promptly defaults to the opposing view, that illegal immigrants are a bunch of angels, demigods of song and dance that would blossom into givers of all kinds if only they had a chance. (Hint: there’s a reason that a secession by California is supported by all sides.) Of course, this view has a hard time finding a home outside of colleges and newsrooms.
However, most people don’t know about what goes on inside of newsrooms, so they don’t know who they’re voting for and against, as a general rule. No, you do not know your congressman. Shaking his hand doesn’t count.
So the California government is run by a bunch of hacks, who are only there because countless people have been fooled into believing that the alternative is worse.
And the hacks find meaning by going to war against the government.
As to the war itself, it will screw you if you get caught in the middle. The feds are enforcing immigration law, and California is passing laws to get in the way. California’s A.B. 450, signed into law Oct. 5, will become effective Jan. 1. The measure limits the circumstances under which employers can respond to requests for documents and physical access to nonpublic areas in connection with immigration enforcement. It also requires notice to employees and their labor union if the government will audit an employer’s I-9 employment eligibility verification forms.
This will probably get you in trouble with the ICE as an accomplice to lawbreaking.
So, don’t hire illegals. Run a background check to find out his status, than find out that it won’t help you because the law doesn’t allow respondents to give you what you need.
So go to a company. A background check company can run a background check and find out what you need, even with this law. Because they can go out of state, and contact agencies that you can’t.
So go to a company.

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